Flower essences are used for the healing of emotional issues. We recognize that we all have an emotional body that has great impact on our health and wellness. Flower essence therapy focuses on the balancing and healing of the emotional body.

Each essence has it's own "personality" and works with us to gently help guide us to grow and evolve from emotional constraints. Fears, worries and anxieties are part of a wide spectrum of issues that may impact our emotional wellness. As shifts occur, we are often able to experience greater wholeness and physical health.

For example, dandelion is a powerful aid when one is feeling tense; either emotionally or physically. This individual may present as an overachiever who is unable to fully relax. We all know how efficient the dandelion is at taking over the lawn! Dandelion helps us to achieve all that we desire but in a more relaxed way. It helps us to tune into our feelings and releases the energy of our spirit so that we are able to flow more freely in life, which in turn, releases the emotional and physical tension.

Flower essences are created by picking fresh flowers and placing them in a glass bowl with water. They are set in the sun for a few hours. Through this process, the "essence" of the flowers is captured and then preserved in an alcohol/water solution.

These essences can then be combined to match certain emotional patterns. We use a questionnaire to help determine which flowers are most suitable to the individual.

If you are interested in learning which flower essences may be suitable for you, please contact Lauren.

For Children

I am often astounded by the gentle yet powerful effect of the flower essences. Children and teens can also greatly benefit for flower essence therapy and I have seen great results. Parents often tell me that their children will ask for their "flowers" when they are in need.