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"A superior physician does not just treat disease but teaches society and helps form the intentions of humanity" -Sun Si Miao
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Here is a list of books that I recommend reading if you are interested in learning more about fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum depression. Click on the book picture or title for purchasing, click on the Author Name to go to the author's web site.

Acupuncture & IVFAcupuncture & IVF
by Lifang Liang

The Infertility CureThe Infertility Cure
by Randine Lewis
The ancient Chinese Wellness Program for getting pregnant and having healthy babies.

Fertility & Conception Fertility & Conception
by Zita West
The complete guide to getting pregnant.

Pregnancy the Natural Way title= Pregnancy the Natural Way (aka Natural Pregnancy)
by Zita West

Taking Charge of Your Fertility Taking Charge of Your Fertility
by Toni Weschler

The Smiling Mask - Truths about PostPartum Depression and Parenthood The Smiling Mask - Truths about PostPartum Depression and Parenthood


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